Casa Bermeja

Dibein fully installed an OMER S.P.A., Spacer 25/2 double stacker in a parking area in Casa Bermeja in the province of Málaga.

The client contacted Dibein to optimise the space in its parking area, converting a single parking space into a double parking space. Our engineers recommended the installation of an OMER S.P.A., Spacer 25/2 independent double stacker. This model can be used to park two cars. Furthermore, the cars can be taken out quickly and individually, without any obstruction or bother.

The Spacer and Double Spacer 25/2 double stackers are characterised for their considerable robustness, even to such a point that they can support cars that each weigh 2,500 kg. Furthermore, it also has a mechanical lock with a hydraulic system, located at the top part of the column, that provides greater safety.

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