Dibein has installed 18 OMER S.P.A., Bipark 26 double stackers in a parking area in Alcobendas.

The client contacted Dibein to optimise the space in its parking area. It wanted to fit 2 vehicles into each individual parking space. Installing the OMER S.P.A., Bipark 26 dependent double stacker was recommended.

The Bipark 26 double stacker is characterised for its simplicity and ease of use. No pit is required to install it and the vehicle on the upper platform can reach a height of 1.80 m. The platform has a load lifting capacity of 2,600 kg, which means it can be used for the latest vehicles, such as all models of SUVs and 4x4s. Furthermore, the hot-dipped galvanised structure of the platform stops any liquids from the vehicle on the upper platform from dripping down.

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