Car Lifting Platforms

Dibein is the exclusive distributor in Spain of over 100 different types of OMER S.P.A. electrohydraulic lifts, which use pantograph, scissor or mixed lifting systems. Different models are available that have a capacity ranging from 2,600 kg to 8,000 kg, depending on the envisaged use.

The types of car lifting platforms that we distribute include:

- Rex PF - Built using a pantograph lifting system (scissor).
- Rex Gold
- Totalrex - Allowing a person to be on board.
- Move 30 N - Using columns.
- Move 30 L - Using double lifting platform valence.
- Totalmove - Allowing a person to be on board.

The products are very versatile and easy to use. They can lift vehicles weighing over 2,500 kg up to between 3.50 and 11 metres high.

The Move 30 N and Move 30 L car lifting platforms reach heights of 11 m and have two opposing columns, one positioned on either side of the platform. Only support walls, not securing walls, are required. The Move 30 N car lifting platform has been built with an extremely resistant base frame and, despite having a load bearing capacity of 3,000 Kg, bending points have not been found in any of its parts. Its stability offers a great level of safety and comfort when driving the car onto the platform. The feature of the Rex Gold car lifting platform is that it uses a built pantograph lifting system (scissor). The car lifting platform is very versatile and can lift 4-tonne vehicles up to a height of 4.10 m. The Totalrex car lifting platform is extremely safe and reliable, lifting vehicles, weighing up to 3,000 kg with a person on board, up to a height of 3.50 m. The Totalmove car lifting platform has all the special features of all the other lifting platforms in the range. It can reach a height of up to 16 m and it has a load bearing capacity of 3,000 kg. It has an excellent level of safety, even when people are in the car.

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