We are the exclusive distributor and commercial agent of OMER S.P.A., products in Spain. We design, undertake and install many solutions, from the simplest, such as the doubling up of a private parking space, to the most sophisticated robotic and automated parking systems.

Mr Felipe Marín, director and founder of the Dibein Group, has managed to make Dibein a national benchmark in the sale and installation of multiple car stacker and car lifting platform systems. At Dibein, we sell and install all products that OMER S.P.A., offers the international market. The sky is the limit. We put time and effort into researching and developing new parking systems that are more energy efficient, modern and functional.

For over 12 years, our clients have entrusted our specialised Dibein Engineering division with the design and development of all types of installations, regardless of the complexity, meeting the high quality and design requirements demanded.

Our engineers use the best tools and materials to build electro-hydraulic systems that incorporate the latest technology, reducing energy consumption and fitting in perfectly with the surrounding area.

To ensure the best results in all our projects, we have created the new Dibein Construction department, which offers clients the option of undertaking the civil engineering works required in order to install our systems, providing a turnkey solution that covers the project, work management and its execution.

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